Frankfurt (Frankurt am Main) may well be your entrance port to Germany; millions of people pass through the Frankfurt airport every year. An old city, Frankfurt hosted the Romans and Charlemagne; it's also a cultural center, with many museums (pick a few and spend time in each one).

Old City (Altstadt)
Greater Frankfurt

Frankfurt day trips
Eissporthalle Frankfurt - Slip over to the Ice Rink with two arenas and an in-line track kids (and adults) can skate heart out or take in a hockey game.
Tour the Frankfurt Airport - Stuck in the airport coming in or going out of town? Ask about the "behind the scenes" tour at the airport itself. The kids will find it a lot more entertaining than sitting at the gate and you'll get them moving around, always nice just after or before a long flight.
Tip: Wednesday's admission is free to many of the city's museums, but they're closed Mondays.
Wherever you stay or what you want to see, getting around Frankfurt is easy. Stop in at the Frankfurt Tourism Office, either in Old Town or at main train station, and pick up the Frankfurt Card which gives you an unlimited pass for public transportation and half off the entrance fee to museums.
Check the festival schedule. The city hosts over 100 folk festivals, many have a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. Check at the tourist office for a schedule.
Fun food
It's just what you'd think - frankfurters (hot dogs) of course!
Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse will give you more choices than you may want, everything from upscale restaurants to fish markets (with cafes and delicatessens in-between).
Frankfurt is famous for toy makers: Das Spielzimmer has handmade dolls and Hannah Kley wonderful wooden toys. Founded in 1746, Hochster Porzellan, the famous porcelain, can be bought in the company store on Berliner Strasse. The factory itself is in nearby Hochst (ask about tours).

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