Campan Valley
Campan - Campan is a small village, famous for its tradition of "mounaques," large life-size rag doll figures set up in front of the houses and businesses. As you wander through town, kids might see a mounaque of a man in a beret, wedding party with bride and groom, soccer player, musician, skier, chef - each one is unique. (Summers only.)
Medous Caves (Les Grottes de Medous) - Take a one hour tour (in French) through caves with spectacular formations and a clear underground river. The tour ends with a memorable boat ride on the river, silently gliding past lighted stalactites and stalagmites! It's cool in the cave, so bring a light jacket or sweater, and the ground is pretty wet. Cave is open April - Oct., closed from noon - 2pm daily.
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