The Loire

The Loire region is dotted with castles along the rivers, and it's no wonder, since the French and the English had a major tug of war over who controlled these lands, culminating in the Hundred Years' War. Here Joan of Arc lifted the seige of Orleans, the kings of France made their royal residences, and, oddly enough, Leonardo da Vinci spent his last years and was buried in Amboise.

Eastern Loire

The Sologne
More Loire chateaux
Western Loire

Fontevraud l'Abbaye
Le Mans
Nantes and around
Loire River Excursions - The Loire is a wonderful river for boating excursions. The river flows through a pastoral countryside, past limestone cliffs and storybook castles. Boat cruises are available from the Lac de Loire (across the river from Blois), in Tours, or Saumur.
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