La Romieu

La Romieu is a medieval town that started as a village on the pilgrimage route, and grew up around an important abbey.

Step into the bright, airy 14th century Collegiate Church (La Collegiale), and the eight-sided beautifully painted sacristry, a gem of Gothic architecture. Walk around the Gothic cloister, and climb up the large tower (Tour de Cardinal) for a great view of the red roofs of La Romieu town.
The cats of Romieu - According to legend, during the Middle Ages, the town was so poor, they barely survived the winter, and then rats attacked the harvest. A village girl, Angeline, secretly kept 20 cats, and her cats chased the rats from the village, saving the town from disaster. Inspired by this legend, cat statues are placed all around the square in La Romieu. Kids can play "I Spy" to spot the cat sculptures, and you might also see a real cat napping on a warm wall in the sun.
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