Larressingle will match any kid's idea of a medieval walled city. Approach the excellently-preserved outer walls, then walk over a stone bridge (the moat is empty), through the gate under a guard tower, and enter the fortified town. Inside the walls are shops, the castle keep (originally an abbey and residence of the Bishops of Condom) and a super museum. Outside the walls are grassy areas and benches (the perfect place to picnic).

Musee La Halte du Pelerin - Life-size dioramas vividly portray life in Larressingle during the Middle Ages - a workshop for carding and weaving wool, soldiers guarding the town, pilgrims on their way to Compostela, the bishop and his clerks at work, peasants preparing grain, salted meats and fish, food for the winter and to withstand sieges. Audio tours in English and French provide explanation of each diorama.
"Cite des Machines du Moyen Age" - Outside the walls, at the wooden palisade, check out weapons of the Middle Ages - trebuchets, battering rams, siege towers, all set up like a 13th century camp. See fascinating re-creations and demonstrations of these medieval weapons, as well as other crafts - blacksmith, stone masons, rope makers, carpenters. Daily during July and August (daily, except Wednesdays, in other months). A "must see" for kids who like all that medieval weapon stuff.
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