This town dates back to Roman times, and the origins of its name are lost.

Boat cruise - The River Baise runs right through the center of Condom. In July and August, from the center of town, at the "Port du Condom," pick up a cruise on the river. Chose from a relaxing one and a half hour cruise that goes down the river, through one lock and back. Or, you can take a longer cruise, 2 ½ hours, that starts in the town of Valence-sur-Baise (south of Condom), and chugs up the river to Condom, passing through three locks (return to Valence-sur-Baise by bus).
Go to the park - If you arrive in Condom around lunch time, gather together your picnic supplies, and head down to the city park along the Baise River, the Base de Loisirs (take Chemin de Gauge to get to the park). Here along the river are big wide grassy areas, shade trees, picnic tables, a large playground with slides and climbing structures, and lots of kids and French families. Walk south along the river to see an old mill, and a lock in action as boats pass through.

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