Lot Valley

The Lot and Cele Rivers are wide, flat, smooth flowing rivers with sandy beaches along the banks. Rent canoes or kayaks (life vests are provided) and spend a day with the kids on the river. Good for swimming too.

Musee du Plein Air du Quercy (Cuzals) - An old chateau has been converted into an open air museum of farm life. Find out about traditional skills such baking bread from scratch (there's a flour mill too), blacksmithing, milking cows, haymaking. Picture yourself living in a timbered farmhouse with stone walls, hundreds of years old.
Grotte de Pech-Merle (Cabrerets, near Marchilac) - Like Lascaux, these prehistoric caves were discovered by two teenagers. The drawings and paintings of bison, mammoths, mountain goats, dotted horses, and human figures are extraordinary. Don't miss the human handprint, stenciled on the cave wall, or actual fossil footprints of a boy on the cave floor. The prehistory museum, Musee Amedee Lemozi, has Paleolithic spear points and Neolithic stone knives, and a short film about the prehistoric paintings in the caves.
Figeac - Jean-Francois Champollion, the wizard who deciphered the Rosetta stone and Egyptian hieroglyphics, was born in Figeac. The Musee Champollion has exhibits on Champollion's life, Egyptian artifacts relating to writing, and Egyptian mummies and sarcophagus. To run around on a replica of the Rosetta stone (it's under your feet), visit the Place des Ecritures.
Domaine du Surgie - Kick back in this leisure park with pedal boats, water park, wave pool, kids play areas, swimming in the Cele River.
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