Promenade des Anglais - This is promendade is the French version of Santa Monica Beach, a wide sidewalk along the beach. It's great for a long walk, plenty of other families, kids biking or flying kites, cafes and restaurants.
Parc Des Miniatures - To find out about the history of the Cote d'Azur, go to the Parc Des Miniatures where you can see hundreds of model buildings 3-6 feet high. Also, take a look at the Musee Des Train Miniatures, an extensive model train layout.
Parc du Chateau (Chateau Park) - Parc du Chateau is a wonderful big park, with sparkling views of the city, a waterfall, cafe and a sizable playground.
Matisse Musem and Cimiez Park (Parc de Cimiez) - Visit the Matisse Museum (Musee de Matisse). Matisse lived in Nice for nearly 40 years and the museum has stuff that was part of his own personal collection. After you've been to the museum, run around in the Cimiez park, a lovely spot with stone walls and shade from lots of old olive trees.
Matisse Chapel (Vence) - It's well worth a visit the Chapel of the Rosary (Chapelle du Rosaire) in Vence (about 30 miles from Nice). The spare white chapel is glows with iridescent blue, green, yellow stained glass windows - Matisse said that this was his masterpiece.
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