Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando has two theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, plus CityWalk with restaurants and live shows. At Universal Studios Florida, rides and shows have movie and TV themes from latest shows. At Islands of Adventure, kids will explore the world of Jurassic Park, fall through the air like a super hero or meet their favorite Dr. Seuss characters. Universal Studios has thrilling rides and large KidZone.

Tip: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are right next to each other, but have separate tickets and entrances.

At the Entrance -
Guest Relations - This is the Lost Children waiting area and Lost and Found.
Lockers - Get a locker to stash purchases and extra clothes (kids will get wet in water play areas). Tip: Bring plastic bags for wet clothes.
Strollers - Next to the lockers, you can rent strollers and wheelchairs.
Wizarding World of Harry Potter -
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a must do. Step into the Hogwarts castle, with magical portraits that speak, Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione and Ron in residence, then soar above the ground with all the mythical creatures.
Flight of the Hippogriff is a charming roller coaster ride for younger kids.
Dragon Challenge - High speed roller coaster (and 54 inch height requirement).
Jurassic Park -
Jurassic Park River Adventure - Step into a tour boat for a river trip through Jurassic Park. When you pass the electric fences, you're in a world of dinosaurs, baby Stegosaurus', spitting raptors and a 5 story high Tyrannosaurus Rex, looming over your boat, his toothy mouth opened wide for a people snack. At the end of the ride, your boat plummets down a water cascade, sending up a huge splash of water. Plan to get wet on this ride.
Tip: If you didn't bring a change of clothes and are worried about getting wet, buy a plastic poncho.
Jurassic Park Discovery Center - Scan earthen deposits to discover dinosaur fossils with a neutrino scanner, or play dinosaur games, listen to dinosaur sounds, find out what kind of dinosaur will hatch from an egg. In the nursery, watch a baby velociraptor hatch!
Camp Jurassic Park - Misty caves and tunnels to explore, a maze of tunnels, waterfalls, suspension bridge, slippery slides and an amber crusted cave. Can you find your way out? <
Pteranodon Flyers - Glide through the air and fly like a pteranodon.
Seuss Landing - All the best-loved characters are here in the whimsical colorful world of Dr. Seuss - carousel ride of Seuss creatures, tram high in the sky, the Cat in the Hat and his "helpers," fountains, and one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.
KidZone -
Animal Actors on Location - Watch a live show as "animal actors," smart dogs and cats, clever birds, a tricky chimpanzee, slinky skunk and spunky pig entertain you with humorous tricks. You might recognize animals from your favorite movies, such as the parrot Calypso from Harry Potter and the dog from Men in Black. Try to get seats close to the front - kids are picked as volunteers.
Fievel's Playland - Little ones can run around this imaginative playground with slides, nets, tunnels, bridges, giant cowboy hat, and a water play area.
Curious George Goes to Town - Prepare to get wet with colorful hoses to spray water and buckets to drop water on family and friends below. Or, just roll around in the ball factory or get in the driver's seat of George's wacky car.
Production Central -
Shrek 4-D - More adventures of Shrek, Princess Fiona and Donkey, the story continues when ghostly Lord Farquad kidnaps Fiona. In a 4-D theater experience, the characters seem to pop into your lap, accompanied by the smell of dragon's breath or bug splat.
Rides -
E.T. Adventure - Little kids will enjoy a ride through the starry skies to help E.T.
The Simpsons Ride - Take a ride with the Simpsons through Krustyland, a wacky carnival like you've never seen before.
Men in Black - Ride with the men in black as you too get to zap aliens.
Revenge of the Mummy - Older kids and teens will enjoy a jolting roller coaster ride into the mummy's tomb, action packed and lots of scary mummies.
Tips for Universal Orlando
Lines - Get the Universal Orlando Resort app to make line reservations for rides.
Rides - Make sure your child meets the height requirements.
What to wear - Water play areas or the Jurassic Park ride can really leave you soaked. Bring extra clothes and rubber flip-flops or sandals for the wet areas. (Think about sticking your purse in a day pack that's water resistant too.)
Infants - If you have an infant with you, changing tables are available in all the restrooms.
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