Epcot Center

At Epcot, kids will experience a world's fair, with the food, music, famous landmarks of different countries around the globe, and technologies that shape the future.

At the Entrance -
Park map and show times - Start by looking at the map of Epcot which has two big areas - Future World and the World Showcase. Future World has all the technology stuff. World Showcase is an international adventure - eleven countries are represented with architectural landmarks, art, food, music and storytelling. Check your Times Guide to find out times for music and live performances in the World Showcase.
Tip: To skip waiting in lines for rides, get FASTPASS timed tickets.
Strollers and wheelchairs - Stop at Guest Services and rent a stroller for toddlers. Wheelchairs are also available.
Lockers - Get a locker to stow purchases and any extra things you don't want to lug around all day.
Future World -
Spaceship Earth - Step inside the big silver globe for a ride through the history of communications, from early writing to printed books, newspapers, radio, TV, computers and the moon landing (this is an eye opener for kids who may not realize that computers used to take up a whole room).
At the end of the ride, there's a cluster of interactive kiosks with games, such as drive the cars of the future, provide energy to a big city, test your reaction time and hand-eye coordination, try robotic surgical tools (these games are always changing, so each time you come, there's always something new).
Image Works (Imagination! pavilion) - This attraction is fun for everyone in the family, all ages. At the kiosks, take a picture of your face which you can decorate with animal ears, mustaches, crowns, etc., then email the photos to family and friends. Grandparents have just as much fun as the kids doing this activity.
In another area, jump on lighted squares to play musical instruments, maracas, pan pipes, drums, and more. This activity is especially fun for toddlers.
Innoventions - Kids will have the best time at Test the Limits, a safety testing lab. Try to shatter a TV tube screen with a big mallet, crush a safety helmet with a barrel, break doors. Kids do the tests over and over, and somehow, everything resists their best efforts to wreck the object.
Musical fountain - In the plaza between the Innoventions buildings, stop to watch this fountain spectacle, water gushing up and cascading down, in time to the music. The music always changes, so come back to watch the show more than once.
Test Track - Our family loves everything to do with cars, so we rode the test track that replicates car road tests - rough road, braking, heat, cold and corrosion, barrier test and speeding around corners (this last part is fun).
World Showcase- Ringed around the lake are pavilions and famous landmarks from eleven different countries - Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, America, Italy, Germany, China, Norway, and Mexico. Check out the replicas of Piazza San Marco, Eiffel Tower, Japanese pagoda, Moroccan house, Temple of Heaven in Beijing, etc. (Let your kids each pick which country they would like to see particularly.)
Kidcot Fun Stops- Each country pavilion has a table with arts and crafts activities. When we were there, kids could pick up a figure to color, then collect and color paper cutouts for each different country, e.g. a gingerbread man for Germany, a kite for China (and they also write the child's name in Chinese). There are also native people from each country, and kids should feel free to ask any questions.
China - Step into the Circle-Vision 360 degree theater for quick trip to China. A gorgeous 14 minute presentation will take you to the Great Wall, inside the Forbidden City, Shanghai, and the misty mountains of Guilin.
Wurzburg miniature railroad - Just outside the German pavilion, stop to watch the miniature train wind its way through little towns and forests on the Romantic Road in Germany.
Norway - Vikings are always fun for kids, and Norway has an exquisite wooden Stave Church with artifacts and exhibits about the Vikings inside. Then, take a ride on a Viking ship, past trolls and polar bears, with a watery splash into the North Sea at the end.
Fun food - One of the most fun things about the World Showcase is all the food from different countries. For lunch, kids can sample Japanese noodles and sushi, German bratwurst, Chinese eggrolls, Mexican food, UK fish and chips. There are also special treats to try, such as funnel cakes, cannelloni, crepes, apple strudel, French pastries, churros, lebkuchen, Japanese candy.
Music and storytelling - Each country pavilion has different events throughout the day, such as Japanese Taiko drummers, Canadian and Celtic rock, Italian holiday stories, legend of the Chinese Monkey King, music of Mexico. (Check your Times Guide.)
Ferry across the lake - It's fun for kids to take a ride around the lake. Pick up the ferries at the Showcase Plaza, ferries dock close to Morocco or Germany.
Nighttime Spectacular - Kids will want to stay up late for this dazzling fireworks and laser display, gigantic sparkles and multicolor sunbursts reflected on the lake.
Photos with Disney characters - Have your picture taken with Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and friends (meet at Innoventions West), as well as characters from Disney movies such as Aladdin, three Caballeros, Mushu the Chinese dragon (look for them at Mexico, China, Germany, Morocco, France and United Kingdom).
In the shops, kids can pick up authentic souvenirs from each country in the World Showcase shops, such as Chinese parasols, German Christmas ornaments, Japanese toys, Viking helmets, French perfume, Mexican wood carvings.

Tips for enjoying Epcot Center
Opening hours - Future World opens at 9:00am, World Showcase opens later, at 11:00am, so start your day at Future World.

Lines and FASTPASS - Your bet best for popular rides is the free FASTPASS. Go to the ride, check the time for the next FASTPASS entry, insert your ticket, and out will come a FASTPASS ticket with a time stamped on it, e.g. 2:00pm. Go off, do other things, come back at 2:00pm and get in the FASTPASS line - you'll go on the ride with a minimum wait.

Infants and toddlers - The Baby Care Center next to Mexico is an oasis. There are pint-sized tables to feed toddlers, and comfortable chairs for mothers to feed their infants. You can also buy diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, etc.

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