LEGOLAND Florida, with more than 50 rides, shows and attractions, is fun for kids 2-12 years old. Most of the “thrill” rides are geared to a younger crowd, even the roller coasters. There is, however, enough here for “tweens” and even some teenagers, including the major rides, 4-D shows, and Miniland section.

Keep the park's location in mind when planning your trip. Winter Haven is halfway between Orlando and Tampa. It takes 40 minutes to drive to LEGOLAND from Orlando.

Before you go -
The park covers 150 acres, with ten distinct sections, so it's advisable to spend more than one day. The two-day admission pass is the more cost-effective option, and you can order tickets online before you visit to avoid lines at the ticket window.
Plan for a lot of walking in the Florida sun. Bring comfortable shoes, lightweight clothing, and sunscreen.
At the Entrance - And the entrance are lockers (stash all your extra stuff so you don't have to lug it around), and strollers for rent in two sizes.
Miniland - Eight different geographical areas with LEGO replicas of famous landmarks and city scenes. You'll recognize San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, the Kennedy Space Center and Daytona Speedway, Las Vegas strip, Capitol Building in Washington DC, New York City skyscrapers and Grand Central Station. Water features, sound, moving pieces and vehicles add to the realism. There are several buttons kids can push to make fountains gush, soldiers march, and D.J.'s play.
DUPLO Village is an entire section dedicated to children five and under, with indoor and outdoor play spaces. Another favorite for pre-schoolers is LEGO CITY, where the Jr. Ford Driving School allows three to five-year olds to drive their own car.
Imagination Zone - The highlights of the Imagination Zone are the Kid Power Towers and the indoor Racers Build and Test area, where kids build vehicles of their own design, then run them down ramps to test their fortitude and speed.
Rides -
On Island in the Sky, sit in a large revolving disk, and ascend 150 feet in the air to enjoy a 360° view of the entire park. The Aqua Zone Wave Racers whisk kids around a central dock on jet skis. Pharaoh's Revenge is a car ride through an interactive course.
There are four roller coasters: Coastersaurus, the mousetrap-style LEGO Technic, Dragon in LEGO Kingdoms, and Flying School, located on the park's perimeter in the back of LEGO CITY. This suspended steel coaster allows guests to ride while seated, experiencing the thrill of flying through the open air.
Most rides have height requirements, listed in the park map, and there are height charts at the entrance of each ride to ensure each child meets the requirements.
Shows -
LEGO CITY Stage Show is a live-actor performance of “The Big Test,” with an acrobatic cast playing the madcap recruits of the volunteer fire department. A water hose is used, and the first three rows of the audience will get wet.
Pirate's Cove has a water ski show, "The Battle for Brickbeard's Bounty," that's worth fitting into the day. The ski stunts are impressive, and the cast engages the audience in water cannon play and pirate talk.
The Fun Town Theater shows three different 4-D movies with water, snow, and wind effects.
Fun food
Food options throughout the park are affordable and generally healthy (fruit cups, yogurt, etc.). You'll find the most diversity in one place at the Market Restaurant, with separate stations for ordering salads, soups, rotisserie meats, Asian fusion, specialty desserts and gourmet coffee. Try the Granny's Apple Fries, a LEGOLAND specialty.
Shops in the park have hard-to-find LEGO sets and unique souvenirs. You can have your purchases sent to the main gate, and you can pick them up as you leave. The Big Shop is located near the main entrance, and gets crowded at the end of the day as people leave. Shop early and store your purchases in a locker for the day.
Tips for enjoying LEGOLAND Florida
Work out the wiggles - Active children have many opportunities to work through their energy. There are multi-level playgrounds and play spaces in the Land of Adventure and LEGO Kingdom sections.
Hands-on areas - What can we say, a whole park full of LEGO, and kids will want to get their hands on the real stuff. Beginning at the main entrance and throughout the park are several hands-on areas where LEGO pieces are out and available for recharging moments of creative play.
Shady spots - Most of the lines for the popular rides, like Pharaoh's Revenge, are shaded. Cypress Gardens provides a shady and quiet trail to walk when it's time for a nap in the stroller. There's cool comfort in the Fun Town Theater, as well.
Baby basics - A bright and clean Baby Care room is located in DUPLO Village, and is outfitted with curtained nursing booths, high chairs, and a kitchen with microwave.
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