Mid Cornwall
Restormel Castle (Lostwithiel) - Restormel is glorious old 12th-13th century castle, once the residence of Edward the Black Prince, Duke of Cornwall. Sited what was a Norman motte-and-bailey, the keep is encircled with a beautiful crenelated stone wall. Inside, there are ruins of the great hall, the kitchen, sleeping quarters. The castle was defended with a drawbridge and deep moat, now just a grassy area. As kids stand on the ramparts, looking out over the countryside, they can imagine knights, lords and ladies, pages and squires riding up to the castle for a big feast.
Shipwreck, Rescue and Heritage Museum (Charlestown, near St. Austell) - See pewter plates, gold and silver coins recovered from wrecked ships and scenes of Cornish village life. A time honored tradition in Cornwall was to plunder shipwrecked ships, or better yet, help a ship come to grief on the rocks.
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