Bath, a World Heritage City, is about baths. When the Romans invaded Britain 2000 years ago, they brought their ideas about running water with them. The Roman Baths are still in great condition - hot water from the thermal spring is piped into a large open-air pool, surrounded by colonades and a much later Victorian terrace above. Not only were the baths a spa, but the Romans also built a temple to the goddess Sulis Minerva, the goddess of healing. Kids may take a different view about the nightly bath after they've visited this town. The museum has a collection of treasures offered to Minerva, and a wonderful video with computer simulations of Bath "then and now." Taste the thermal waters at the Grand Pump Room too.
Clothes-conscious kids will want to visit the Museum of Costume. Find out what was in style for ladies at court in the 17th -19th.century, what Jane Austen's heroine's would have worn, or what was the height of fashion in Victorian times.
Bath Postal Museum - The first postage stamp in the world was sent from the Bath Post Office on May 2, 1840. At the museum see the stamp and a complete Victorian post office.
Sally Lunn's Refreshment House and Museum - Try one of those delicious buns invented by Sally Lunn, still baked by hand from the original recipe.
Take a stroll across the River Avon at Pulteney Bridge to Sydney Gardens when the kids can relax and run around, watch boats on the Kennet and Avon Canal. You can rent canoes, punts or take a cruise on the river and canal.
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