london golden hine ii ship replica
Southwark - Globe Theatre
Golden Hinde II - Golden Hinde II is a reconstruction of Sir Francis Drake's ship he sailed around the world.
Take a self-guided tour to explore the ship – Drake's cabin with comfy, gun deck with cannons, spiffy dining cabin where Drake entertained captured Spanish captains, hold where food, water and treasure was stored, and take the wheel on the half deck.
Tip: Golden Hinde is included in London Pass.
Read our blog post: " Sail with Sir Francis Drake - Golden Hinde in London " for details about the ship and Drake's historic voyage.
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (New Globe Walk Bankside) - A great way for kids to get a glimpse of Elizabethan London is to visit the Globe Theatre. The theater is built with materials and techniques from that time period.
On the 45 minute tour of the Globe, kids will find out more about Shakespeare's London and what it was like at a play. Tip: Tour is best for older kids.
Tip: Globe Theatre Tour is included in London Pass.
Along with the tour, don't miss the exhibition, with costumes from recent productions and how characters were dressed for the plays.
To see a play, your best bet is to take in an afternoon matinee at the Globe. Tip: Benches are authentic hard wooden benches.
Borough Market - Fun place for lunch is the Borough Market, founded in 1756. Food stalls have sandwiches, burgers, pasta, international food, fresh fruit and juices, cheese, bread, pastries and cakes. Market is covered, so no problem in the rain. Closed on Monday.
HMS Belfast - The HMS Belfast is a World War II cruiser that took part in the Normandy landings. You can run around the entire ship, see inside the gun turrets and armaments rooms, and get a feel for life on board the war ship.
Imperial War Museum (Lambeth) - The Imperial War Museum is filled with war souvenirs, such as a Spitfire, V2 Rocket, German submarine. One of the best exhibits is a recreation of a World War I trench on the front lines. The exhibit is very lifelike, with sound, lighting and "smell" effects. Also, don't miss the recreation of an air-raid shelter and "blitzed" out London street in World War II. Kids can squeeze into the bunks on a submarine, but it's a tight fit for adults.