Framlingham Castle - Kids will have a great time running around the crumbly 12th century castle, home of the Earl of Norfolk (we are, however, in Suffolk). Perched on a grassy earthworks, the castle is enclosed in stout crenelated walls, and kids can walk along the ramparts. As well as being a castle, it was also a prison and poorhouse in later centuries. A children's audio tour really makes the history of the castle come alive.
Sutton Hoo Burial Site (Woodbridge) - If you were an Anglo Saxon king in the 7th century, you could be buried with your ship and other paraphenalia like helmets and gold ornaments. Today, you can see the grassy mounds where all this was found (guided tours only, but it only last about 45 min.). All the really good burial artifacts are in the British Museum in London, but you can see replicas in the Ipswich Museum.
Anglo-Saxon Village, West Stow County Park (West Stow) - Learn more about what life was life in the 5th to 7th centuries in an Anglo Saxon village. This village has been faithfully re-constructed, using tools and techniques from that time.
Suffolk Coast Path - Hike any part of the Coast Path that extends for 50 miles between Lowestoft and Felixstowe. You'll see dunes, marshes, flat stone beaches, wildflower and plenty of bird life.
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