oxford christ church great hall
Oxford University - Bodleian Library appears in the Harry Potter movie as Hogwarts dining room and library. The Great Hall of Christ Church College is Hogwarts School. Lewis Carroll was inspired to write Alice's Adventures in Wonderland while looking out these windows.
Visiting the colleges and Bodleian Library is open to the public, but the colleges seem uneasy about kids in the quadrangle. The wardens invariably said, "Lads, don't run on the grass and remember, people are working, so silence please."
Climb up the tower at St. Mary's Church for a glorious view of the dreaming spires of Oxford. And, the cafe at St. Mary's has luscious desserts to go with a cup of tea.
Boating on the Cherwell and Thames - Punting is a favorite pastime of undergraduates at Oxford and quite relaxing. Rent a punt, or better yet, a pedal boat that looks like a punt at the Magdalen Bridge and glide down the River Cherwell to the Thames.
Blackwell's Bookstores - Browse one of Oxford's oldest and most famous bookstores, Blackwell's. There's not only Blackwell's flagship store, but a separate shop, Children's Blackwell's, also on Broad Street.
Museums - If it starts to rain, duck into any of the fascinating museums in Oxford.
The Ashmolean Museum has an excellent collection of ancient gold coins and old jewels such The Alfred Jewel, inscribed with the words, "Alfred ordered me to be made."
The Museum of the History of Science has Einstein's blackboard and other scientific apparatus.
See the stuffed Dodo bird at the University Museum of Natural History. The adjacent Pitt Rivers Museum of native art and culture has South Pacific treasures brought back by Captain Cook.
Christ Church Meadow and Magdalen Grove Deer Park - Out beyond the colleges are the green open spaces of Christ Church Meadow and Deer Park.
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