east anglia
Cambridge University - A tour of the colleges at Cambridge University is a "must do" with kids. Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, thirteen British Prime Ministers, and Prince Charles attended Cambridge University.
Older kids will enjoy evensong at King's College, sung by the boys' choir. In summer, look for outdoor productions of Shakespeare plays around the colleges.
The Fitzwilliam Museum has an excellent collection of Egyptian mummies and Greek and Roman antiquities.
To get outdoors, Jesus Green, is a lovely public park right along the river, with a large children's playground that has climbing structures and an engine to play on, and picnic areas. Or just relax on the College Backs, green lawns along the river.
River Cam - Try punting on the River Cam , a local pasttime on summer days. Rent self-hire boats on near Silver Street or on the College Backs. Or, if you'd rather see the river in style, you can hire a punt with "chauffer" for an hour ride. Click here for more information.

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