West - the Bund
Walk along the Bund (Zhongshan Dong Lu) - Take a walk on the Bund, the wide promenade along the Huangpu river. Start at the green Huangpu Park at the north, where Suzhou Creek meets the river, and walk south, about a mile. Kids can watch the ships go by on the river, boats large and small, barges and ferries (there are telescopes for closer views). Just imagine the Bund a century ago, teeming with junks and sampans, loading and unloading at the wharves.
Huangpu River boat rides -
For a short, inexpensive boat ride, from the Cross Ferry Wharf, hop on the ferry going from Bund side to the Pudong side.
There are one hour cruises between the Yangpu bridge and Nanpu Bridge.
Pick up a longer 3 - 4 hour cruise going east, all the way to the mouth of the Huangpu River (Wusong Kou), where the Huangpu meets the great Yangzi (Yangtze) River, the longest river in China, which flows into the East China Sea.
Buy tickets for boat cruises at Shiliupu Wharf and Huangpu River Tours Wharf on the Bund.
Bund Sightseeing Tunnel - The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is a zippy pedestrian tram under the Huangpu River, with a colorful laser light show, nylon puppets popping up, like an amusement park ride. Enter the tunnel near Nanjing Rd. on the Bund side; you'll come out at the Oriental Pearl Tower on the Pudong side.
Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar - Step into the Yuyuan Garden for a taste of old Shanghai, Ming style gardens, with pavilions, streams, and pools. Don't miss the huge Dragon Wall (the dragon is protecting the garden), red fish swimming in the Lotus Pool, or the zig-zag Bridge of Nine Turns - the zig-zags foil the demons (who don't turn corners very well). The bazaar has tourist shops where you can buy silk umbrellas, calligraphy, Chinese toys, paper dragons, embroidery. (The bazaar can get crowded, this is not the place to bring a stroller).
Shanghai Museum - Shanghai Museum has a fabulous collection of Chinese art through the centuries. Check out ancient bronze bells, exquisite Tang dynasty paintings, Buddhist sculptures, prehistoric jade knives, Chinese coins, Ming beds, tables and chairs, and don't miss all the ethnic costumes and ornaments from different parts of China. Audio tours in English are available.
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