East - Pudong
Oriental Pearl TV Tower - To get an overview of Shanghai, take a ride up the Oriental Pearl Television Tower. Start early to avoid lines at world's third tallest tower (1,535 ft. high). Elevators whisk you to the sightseeing deck (full of other Chinese families) where kids can look over to the Bund, and if it's a clear day, look east to the Yangzi River. There's a revolving restaurant in the lower sphere, where you where you can eat while the scenery is changing. (Three different tickets are available, one to the lower sphere, another to the upper sphere, and a third that includes a buffet meal in the revolving restaurant.)
Don't miss the excellent Shanghai History Museum in the basement - life-size dioramas of a 19th century tea shop, temple, artisan's shops, gunboats on the river, 1930's Shanghai print shop, opium den, street scenes, plus hands-on interactive exhibits, listen to old pop songs, watch old films.
Riverside walk - Take a walk on Riverside Avenue, for views of the Huangpu River, and the Bund across the way. From the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, go around the point, and follow Riverside Road south to Dongchang Road. The Riverside Park has grassy areas to run around, or bring a picnic.
Jin Mao Tower - If the lines are too long at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, head over to the Jin Mao Tower, the tallest building in Shanghai (421 m/ 1,380 ft.). Buy a ticket for the observation deck on the 88th floor, and elevators will have you there in a ziffy. From the Skywalk, there are panoramic views of Shanghai, as well as the interior atrium of the Grant Hyatt hotel.
Century Park - This is a new park with broad paths, lakes, gardens and lots of grassy areas (perfect place to have a picnic). Rent surreys or tandem bicycles to pedal around. Go out on the lake and Zhangjia canal in electric boats for a relaxing time (especially in warm weather). The park has a children's play area with slides and climbing structures.
Nextage (Yaohan) department store (501 Zhangyang Road) - Stop into this mega department store, Number One Yaohan, an experience in itself. Number One (also called Ba Bai Ban in Chinese) has a play area, bowling alley, plus full size supermarket (get everything you need for a picnic in Century Park), and food court where you can get lunch.
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum - A terrific, state-of-the art museum, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is full of hands-on exhibits. There are things to do for little kids (music fence, shouting spring, wind chimes tree, climbing structures), as well as light-controlled airplanes for older kids, robots, a 4-D theater, ship-handling simulator, thermodynamic waterfall, and lots more. Plan to spend several hours here.
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