Lakes Region
Conguillio National Park - East of Temuco, Conguillio National Park is the home of the araucaria trees (also called monkey puzzle trees). Araucarias are very old trees, some over a thousand years old. This park is attractive for kids - the weird and wonderful trees, a smoking volcano (Llaima Volcano), and lakes. The visitor's center has more information about the flora and fauna, or take the nature trail through araucaria forest.
Lago Villarrica - The town of Pucon on Lago Villarrica has just a spectacular view of the smoking Villarrica volcano.
In summer, the lake has swimming and water sports. Or you can just sit on the black sand beaches along the lake and build sand castles. Pucon also has horseback riding, bike rental and fly fishing in streams in the area. Outside of town, soak in the Termas de Huife, Termas de Quimaico, Termas de Palguin and Termas de Panqui hot springs.
In winter, head up to the popular Villarrica-Pucon ski resorts on slopes of the volcano.
Puerto Montt - Puerto Montt is a gateway to Patagonian Chile and port for boats for the Chilean "fjords." Wander down to Angelmo, a fishing port with a crafts market and good seafood restaurants. Take a boat ride through the Tenglo canal to the Island of Tenglo (Isla Tenglo). Or, make a day trip to the Alerce Andino National Park to see the thousand year old Alerce trees in the dense rain forest. For relaxation on the lake, Lago Llanquihue is a good day trip from Puerto Montt.
Cruise the "fjords" - The boat from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales provides spectacular scenery, mountains and glaciers right down to the sea. In general, the four day trip is in the protected waters, but one section, the Golfo de Penas, can be rough. Another popular cruise is the round trip from Puerto Montt to the San Rafael Glacier (Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael).
Isla Grande de Chiloe - The island of Chiloe is like Ireland, only rainier and warmer. On the island, kids can walk for miles and miles on long sandy beaches and you won't see a soul. Ancud, Dalcahue and Castro are picturesque fishing villages with seafood restaurants on stilts above the water, 19th century wooden churches, and handicrafts fairs. In Ancud, visit the Museo Regional Audelio Borquez Canobra, a history museum with a replica of a 19th century schooner or run around the old cannons on the grass in the Fuerte San Antonio.
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