Lassen Volcanic Nat'l Park

In northeastern California, Lassen Peak, a majestic volcano laced with white snow, is visible for miles around. The mountain, 10,457 ft. high, is the centerpiece of Lassen Volcanic National Park, where kids will also see other volcanic goodies, such as mud pots, fumaroles, boiling springs, and red cinder cones.

The main road goes north - south through the park, and the best way to approach the park is from Highway 44, using the northwest entrance at Manzanita Lake. To visit the cinder cone, drive east on Highway 44 toward Susanville, and turn south on a separate road to Butte Lake.

Park Road
Cinder Cone & Butte Lake
Warner Valley

Go camping - The best way to visit Lassen Volcanic Park is to camp inside the park, with convenient access to all the sights and hikes, junior ranger activities for kids. Our favorite campgrounds are Summit Lake North and Manzanita Lake campgrounds.

Tip: Hotel accommodations close to the park are limited. Drakesbad Guest Ranch in Warner Valley is inside the park, but it's a 45 min. drive to get to the main park road. Outside the park on the south side, Mineral and Mill Creek have two lodges, but they book up in advance; Chester is a bigger town, with a variety of options. On the north side, there are some resorts in Old Station, and hotels in Burney.

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