kings canyon
Kings Canyon Nat'l Park
Grant Grove
Kings Canyon Visitor Center - In the Discovery Room, play in a tent, check out different kinds of poop for black bears, marmots, deer etc. and identify different animal tracks for bobcats, Stellar jays, wolverine, raccoons, black bears and gray foxes (animals that live here in the Sierra), plus a model of Kings Canyon. Pick up the map to the General Grant Tree Trail and other trail  maps for the parks.
General Grant Tree Trail - This paved nature trail is a half mile loop through the giant sequoias, open year round (it's fun to see the tree with snow on the ground). Tip: In summer, the General Grant Tree is very popular and parking is limited, so come before noon (and avoid the tour bus crowds).
General Grant Tree - The General Grant Tree is the third largest tree on earth, as tall as a 27 story building, and 2,000 years old.
Gamlin Cabin - Step in a log cabin, hand built by the Gamlin brothers in 1872.
Fallen Monarch - Kids will want to run through the Fallen Monarch tree lying on the ground,  and naturally hollowed out by fire. The Gamlin brothers lived inside the tree until they built their own cabin (check out the hole in the roof for cooking).
Columbine picnic area - There's plenty of picnic tables at Columbine, so have a picnic lunch in the shade under the trees. The parking is limited at Columbine, but is within walking distance (a longish walk) from the Grant Tree parking.
Grant Grove Stables - Go for one and two hour trail rides through the sequoia forests and up along the North Boundary Trail. Summers, for kids 7 and up.

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