san francisco pier 39 sea lions
San Francisco
Pier 39
Sea lions - Head over to the west side of the pier, where kids will enjoy watching sea lions lolling on wooden platforms. The sea lions do a lot of barking, and it's quite entertaining.
Don't miss the sea lions statue (in the West Park, left of the entrance to Pier 39) - a fun picture spot. Also colorful painted sea lion sculptures in front of Pier 39.
Aquarium of the Bay - The aquarium features marine life from around San Francisco. In the first tunnel, see fish that live under Pier 39 - red spiky sea cucumbers, strawberry sea anemones, the giant Pacific octopus, schools of shimmering smelts. Find out what lives under the Golden Gate Bridge in the second tunnel - bat rays, leopard sharks and spiny dogfish. Little kids will like the touch pools, where you can feel a bat ray, leopard shark, sea urchins and sea stars.
Telescope views - From the end of the pier, there are stunning panoramas of the Golden Gate Bridge. Aim your telescope for a close-up look at boats coming and going under the bridge. Also picnic tables, so grab a sandwich and eat your lunch outdoors with a view.
Playtime -
For little kids, take a ride on the double-decker San Francisco Carousel. Among carousel animals is a smiling sea lion.
Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze, a classic fun house maze.
Frequent Flyers, a bungee trampoline for kids of all ages.
In the East Park, there is a playground (sand and climbing structure).
Live performances - Look for shows at the Smartwater Stage, behind the carousel. There are also buskers and street performers all around the pier.
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