Point Reyes
Duxbury Reef (Agate Beach County Park) - This is our favorite spot for tide pooling with kids at Point Reyes.
Duxbury Reef is a large shale reef that extends far into the ocean. In the tide pools, look for large giant green and sunburst sea anemones, black turban snails (also homes for hermit crabs), chitons, dog whelks, shore crabs, sea stars, colorful pink and red sponges covering the books. The tide pools are also an underwater garden of sea weed - bull kelp, feather boa kelp, rockweed, pink coralline algae, surfgrass, Turkish washcloth.
Read our blog post Day trip to Duxbury Reef for more information.
To get to Duxbury Reef and parking at Agate Beach County Park, from Bear Valley Visitor Center, go south on Highway 1 about 9 miles, turn right onto the Bolinas-Olema Rd. ( just before the lagoon), go right on Mesa Rd., left on Overlook Dr., right on Elm Dr., then look for the parking lot. It's just a short walk down to the tide pools.
Tip: Be sure to check the tide tables, to visit Duxbury Reef at low tide.
Fun food
On the Olema-Bolinas Rd., in fall look for a charming pumpkin patch. Also stop into the Vegetables mini-farmers market - all kinds of totally fresh eggs and vegetables grown locally around Bolinas.