Napa River Ecological Reserve - On the cross road between Yountville and the Silverado Trail, take a break at the Napa River Ecological Reserve. Trails take you to the Napa River, where you can dabble your toes and play on the sandy river bank. In spring, there are wildflowers and butterflies, in summer, keep your eye out for California quail in the bushes, in autumn, you'll see ducks on the water. Tip: In winter, the Napa River can be a strong, rushing river, and not the place to play.
Napa Valley Museum - This spiffy museum houses exhibits about the land and the people of the Napa Valley. Find out about the first settlers, the Wappo, followed by Mexican and 19th century pioneers. Learn more about ranching, farming in the Napa Valley and the Silverado silver mine. There's also a whiz bang interactive exhibit about wine making.
Veterans Memorial Park (California Dr.) - The park has plenty of grassy areas, picnic tables and playground. Parents can relax in the shade while kids run around.
Fun food
Yountville Farmers Market - The Napa Valley is a cornucopia of fresh produce, and you can sample fresh picked fruits and vegetables, local baked goods at the Farmers Market. Wednesdays, in the parking lot of Compadre's Restaurant on Washington St., June - Sept. 4:00 - 8:00pm.
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