monterey old house of four winds
Old Monterey

In this part of Monterey, explore Monterey State Historic Park and discover the history of Monterey, from Native Americans who lived in this land of plenty, to arrival of the Spanish, Monterey as a trading port in the 19th century, busy with sailing ships from far destinations.

Pacific House Museum - Start your explorations here, with hands-on exhibits about the history of Monterey peninsula.
On the first floor, learn about the Rumsien Native Americans who lived in the area for thousands of years, sighting by explorer Sebastian Vizcaino in 1602, Spanish founding of Monterey as the capital of Alta California, busy trading port in the Mexican era.
Upstairs is the Monterey Museum of the American Indian with a collection of artifacts from all around the United States.
Custom House - Poke your nose into the Custom House, and imagine the bustle along the wharf in the early 19th century. Built in 1827, the United States flag was first flown over the Custom House on July 7, 1846, claiming the western territories for the U.S. Inside the custom house, you'll find a huge green parrot in a cage, and typical goods transported by the sailing ships.
Museum of Monterey - When kids walk into this museum, you can almost feel the wind in the sails of a ship heading to China.
Your first stop - a giant rotating Fresnel lens from the Point Sur Lighthouse. Exhibits have model sailing ships and fishing boats, plus Spanish helmets, dueling pistols and swords, re-creation of a captain's quarters, big pot to render whale oil. Don't miss the whimsical scrimshaw, whale teeth carved by sailors on their long voyages.
Museum is good for a bad weather day.
Cooper Molera Adobe - Step in the family Victorian house of John Cooper, a sea captain. Walk through two parlors, one with a piano (a luxury at that time), beautifully decorated dining room, kitchen, out to the courtyard with a lovely garden and beehive oven, where the baking was done. Tip: Open weekends.
Christmas in the Adobes - In December is a colorful weekend living history event. Explore Spanish style houses, kids can sample spiced cider, horchata, Mexican hot chocolate, and dance Mexican California fandango dances in the Custom House.
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