Palisades Tahoe
High Camp - Year round, ride the cable car up the mountain, 2,000 ft. up for fabulous views of the valley and Lake Tahoe. In the warm months, bring your hiking boots and enjoy a leisurely hikes the meadows, or older kids will enjoy the longer hikes from High Camp. High Camp also has a year-round ice skating pavillion, and a swimming pool and jacuzzi (so bring your swim suits).
Palisades Tahoe Adventure Center - In summer, kids will enjoy indoor climbing walls (even little kids can give the shorter one a try), ropes and bridges course, and a skyjump bungee trampoline, perfect for little ones.
Hike up Squaw Creek - From the valley, it's a lovely hike up Squaw Creek, or head out through Shirley Canyon in the direction of Shirley Lake. In summer the streams have lots of boulders for scrambling around, this is a good hike for older kids. Spend your afternoon just exploring the creek.
Palisades Tahoe Stables - In the warmer months, take a guided one or two hour trail ride, for kids 7 and up. For kids 6 and under, there are short pony rides.
Winter activities - Here's details of kids' winter activities at Palisades Tahoe and Alpine Meadows.
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