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Sweet Delights on Hwy 49

Strike it rich at an old-time ice cream parlour or "confectionery" as you travel Highway 49. Back in the 19th century, every little town had an ice cream shop and general store stocked with candies. The historic towns of the Gold Country never lost this great tradition.

Nevada City -
Nevada City Chocolate Shoppe (236 Broad St. ) - Step into chocolate heaven, all shapes and sizes. 1lb Nevada Gold looks like the Motherlode.
Grass Valley -
Big A Rootbeer Drive In (810 E. Main St.) - Root beer floats and soft ice cream.
Lazy Dog Chocolateria & Ice Cream Parlour (111 Mill St.) -Ice cream parlour and candy store, with unusual chocolates such as sea salt and pecan turtles, Jelly Belly jelly beans, red white and blue ice cream.
Auburn -
Aunt Flo's Chocolates - Serendipity (675 High St.) - Chocolate dipped cheesecake, chocolate dipped rice krispies, chocolate dipped oreos, smoothies.
Coloma -
Argonaut Cafe (8928 Highway 490) - Fresh lemonade, ice cream sodas, gelato, candies, sarsaparilla
Placerville -
The Original Mel's Diner (232 Main St.) - Milkshakes, malts, sodas, sundaes.
Sutter Creek -
Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium (51 Main St.) - Ice cream sundaes, jelly beans, jawbreakers.
Jackson -
Train Town Candies and Ice Cream Parlor (139 Main St.) - Thick milkshakes, big sundaes, ice cream cones, toffee, old-fashioned caramels, rock candy, jelly beans, fudge, and more.
Mel and Faye's Diner (204 N. Highway 49) - Sundaes, milkshakes, floats, banana splits.
Murphys -
JoMa's Artisan Ice Cream (386 Main St.) - Locally made ice cream with flavors such as Apple Pie, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Fudge Chip, Caramel Crunch.
Columbia -
Nelson's Columbia Candy Kitchen (22726 Main St.) - Handmade lollipops, vanilla creams, peppermint chews, licorice, orange drops, chocolates.
Fallon Ice Cream Parlor (11175 Washington St.) - "Motherlode" of waffle ice cream cones.
Jamestown -
Jimtown Frosty (Main St. and Highway 49) - Soft ice cream cones, milkshakes.
Mariposa -
Yosemite Treats (5040 Highway 140) - Ice cream with lots of toppings, milkshakes, frozen yogurt, smoothies.
Mariposa Ice Creamery & Bookstore (5020 Highway 140) – Large milkshakes, soft serve ice cream, fruit smoothies.

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