Mojave Desert
Mojave National Preserve
Calico ghost town - In the 1881, prospectors discovered a rich vein of pure silver in the King Ore Mine. Overnight, Calico became a crowded boom town, but in the 1890's when silver dropped in value, the mines closed and Calico became a ghost town.
Today, Calico is a well preserved Old West town. Check out the old schoolhouse, jail, blacksmith shop, mining equipment, walk down Main Street lined with adobe and wood frame shops. Kids can also pan for gold, ride the little train, or take Maggie's Mine tour. Get out and stretch your legs on the trail that goes around the back side of town.
Tip: There's casual food, ice cream and snack shops in town. Calico is a nice break from freeway driving on Interstate 15. The ghost town is located about 10 minutes east of Barstow, with easy access from the freeway.
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