Cayucos is a classic, unspoiled California beach town, where the most important thing is the ocean.

Cayucos State Beach - The beach at Cayucos is just heaven for boogie boarding. Grab your board and head out to catch the waves. In the later afternoon, you may find the pelicans are having a party in the water too. Or, rent a sea kayak, and paddle out into Estero Bay. (Boogie boards and sea kayaks are available for rent in the shops right next to the beach.)
Little kids will be happy to build sand castles and splash in the waves. It's a gentle, flat sand beach, no shore break. Didn't pack your sand toys? There's a good selection at the shops in town.
If you're inclined to fish, bring your gear and join the other intrepid fisherman on the Cayucos pier. You can catch flounder, halibut or mackerel. The pier is also a good vantage point for whale watching, or spotting sea otters bobbing in the bay.
Tide pools - The tide pools at Cayucos are a mini-wonderland. Spend all morning watching shore crabs marching through the clear little pools, seaweed gently floating around the brightly colored sea anemones, turban snails and sea stars, or hermit crabs shedding their shells for the next bigger model. Walk up the beach, north of the pier, to find the tide pools.
Hardie Park (on B Street) - The park has a good playground with climbing structures, grass and picnic tables. In summer, the public swimming pool is open. There are barbeque grills, so stop at the local market and put together an impromptu dinner outdoors.
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