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The Hazeltons

The Hazeltons include three villages - Hazelton (also called Old Hazelton), New Hazelton and South Hazelton

Ksan Historical Village (Old Hazelton) - Learn about the culture and history of the Gitxsan people, in a replica village with seven different longhouses and totem poles. Sample traditional foods in the Eagle House.   The museum has collections of tools for hunting and fishing, cedar bark weavings, button blankets, and ceremonial masks.  In summer there are Gitxsan dance performances.  Open daily.
Totem poles - Look for totem poles (some more than 100 years old) around Kispiox Village, Gitwangak and Gitanyow, there's more than 50. In the New Hazelton Visitor Centre on Highway 16, pick up the "Tour of the Totems" brochure that lists all totems, where to see them, and what they mean.  Tip: Emily Carr the artist painted these totem poles when she visited the area.
Float trips - Go for a half day float trip on the Kispiox River.  It's relaxing for everyone in the family; your guide will do all the paddling and you're free to sit back enjoy the scenery.

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