south - fraser valley
Harrison Hot Springs

Just what you'd expect from the name: a spa resort. This is a little off the beaten path heading west on the Trans Canada highway down the Number 9 highway. Stroll lazily around town, picnic by the lake, walk along the promenade, get an ice cream cone or stop in the Harrison Hot Springs Resort for afternoon tea.

Soak in the hot springs - One of the big draws in town, about thirty years ago a "Health Pavilion" was built around the hot springs. You can relax in a 100+ degree sitting pool, swim in the warm indoor pool, have a shiatsu massage or even try a little aromatherapy.
The Sasquatch Provincial Park, about five minutes from town, has four beautiful lakes set in a forest circled by mountains. This is a great place to spend at least an afternoon.
On Harrison Lake you can swim, rent canoes and skim around the lake, fish for trout, have a picnic or pitch a tent in several campgrounds here. The park has both hiking trails and an interpretive trail that even little kids can manage.
Head for the Green Point picnic area on Harrison Lake and tell the kids to keep a sharp eye out for "Sasquatch" (the BC version of Big Foot). Truth is, you're more likely to see mountain goats.

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