Watson Lake

Watson Lake, is a few miles up the highway from Liard River Hot Springs, just across the border in Yukon Territory.

Sign Post Forest - In 1942, when the Alaska Highway was under construction, a worker posted a sign post for his hometown, thousands of miles away. Over the years, people from all over the world have posted signs from their hometowns, more than 65,000 signs. Kids will enjoy looking at all the different signs (and you can make a sign to bring with you to add to the forest).
Northern Lights Centre - Learn about the fascinating Aurora borealis, or northern lights, produced by particles colliding as they enter the earth's atmosphere, and resulting in dancing lights of red, yellow, blue, and green in the night sky. Watch a 1 hour panoramic movie of northern lights as they appear in the Yukon.
Lucky Lake - On warm summer days, go for a swim in the lake, which also has a 500 ft. water slide. Sandy beaches are perfect for toddlers, and there are plenty of picnic tables.
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