Bali - South

South Bali is famous for it's exquisitely terraced rice fields, deep river gorges, and sunsets at the beach. The beach resorts of Nusa Dua, Sanur, Kuta and Legian are relaxing, but a short excursion inland will quickly transport you to village Bali. In any village, you might happen upon a temple festival, a painting studio, a gamelan rehearsal, a mask maker, or kids playing badminton

Bali Bird Park (Batubulan) - The Bali Bird Park (Taman Burung) has a lovely collection of parrots, lorikeets, cockatoos, cassowary, the rare Bali starling and a small Komodo dragon.
Tampaksiring - Tirta Empul is one of the oldest sacred water places in Bali, at least a 1000 years old. Clear spring water bubbles out the ground and flows into ritual bathing pools within the temple complex. Don't miss the shrine under the spreading banyan tree near the entrance.
Close to Tirta Empul is Gunung Kawi, rock hewn "tombs," memorials to the dead kings and queens. There isn't a whole lot to see in the hermit cells or "tombs," but the rock ravine is impressive and the river is a fun place to play.
Margarana (Marga) - If your family is interested in military history, stop at the I Gusti Ngurah Rai Memorial. After World War II ended, Indonesia fought against the Dutch for independence, which was achieved in 1949. In November, 1946, Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai led a group of Balinese guerrillas in a doomed battle in which all the Balinese were killed, but it was a moral victory. The small military museum has old-fashioned weapons, Colts, Enfields, Sten guns, and homemade hand grenades and Molotov cocktails used by the Balinese guerrillas.
Subak Museum (Senggulan, near Tabanan) - Rice farming is intrinsic to life in Bali. This tiny museum is all about growing, preparing and cooking rice, with displays of tools for harvesting and preparing rice, a scale model of a farming village, and a kitchen with tools for cooking rice.
Monkey Forests -
Alas Kedaton - Take a walk through a small forest surrounding the temple Pura Alas Kedaton to see the monkeys. This forest is more off the beaten track, and the monkeys are less pushy than those in Sangeh or Ubud.
Sangeh - Both the temple Pura Bukit and a large forest of nutmeg trees are home to scads of monkeys. The monkeys at Sangeh are very used to tourists, so keep an eye out for a monkey trying to grab your belongings.
Pura Taman Ayun (Mengwi) - This 17th century temple is one of the loveliest examples of Balinese temple architecture. Energetic demon statues guard the entrance to the temple. Inside, there are shrines for the gods (they take up residence during a temple festival), and pavillions for music and dancing. The whole temple is surrounded by a large artificial moat.
Bali Butterfly Park (Wanasari, south of Tabanan) - Butterflies are collected from all over Indonesia, and every day, they are released (a net high up keeps them from escaping). A rare bird-wing butterfly might sit in your hand!
Water fun -
Waterbom Park (Tuban, Kuta) - Enjoy a day of waterslides and pools in all sizes amidst the lush tropical setting. Relaxing for the whole family, and good for kids of all ages. Restaurants and snack bars within arm's reach.
Pool day - Swimming pools are lots of fun in Bali. Balinese rajas used to have water gardens; today hotel swimming pools are surrounded by tropical gardens. You can purchase swim tickets at all the big hotels. Spend the entire day swimming in the pool or lolling on a chaise poolside. If you have toddlers who can't swim, be sure to pack your "floaties."
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