Day Trips
Wienerwald (Vienna Woods) - Kids need to get out the city and stretch their legs? A hike in the Wienerwald, the famed Vienna Woods, is just a short train ride from Vienna. Take the S-Bahn to Kahlenbergerdorf.
From there, walk up the Nusan weg through the woods, straight up the hill to Leopoldsberg - it's about one kilometer. It's an easy walk, but it might a bit much for toddlers. At the top, there's the ramparts of an old fort, nice cafes, and glorious views of Vienna and the Wienerwald.
If you'd rather drive, you can also drive to the top, and just hike on the paths through the woods. These aren't "wild woods," but the woods are very pleasant, and a great place to picnic or lunch in the cafe.
Seegrotte - It's a nice outing to the outskirts of Vienna to visit the Seegrotte the largest underground lake in Europe. This subterranean labyrinth was once a gypsum mine, which flooded, and springs now feed this pristine lake underground. The tour takes you through a maze of mine tunnels, used in World War II as an underground aircraft factory, then step into a silent electric boat to glide on a clear emerald lake. Open daily.
To get there from Vienna, take the S-Bahn to Modling, and a bus to the charming quiet little town of Hinterbruhl (which is nice in itself).

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