Arizona State Museum - This museum, located on the campus of the University of Arizona, is well worth a visit.
Start with the "Paths of Life" exhibit, an overview of Southwest Native Americans - the Seri, Tarahumara, Yaqui, O'Odham, Yumans, Pai, Southern Paiute, Apache, Navajo, Hopi - their history, culture, daily life, religious traditions, arts and crafts, and contemporary life.
Pottery Project - The Wall of Pots, representing 2,000 years of Southwest pottery, knocked our socks off. From the earliest Anasazi to present day, there are pots in shapes of bighorn sheep and birds, Hohokam red and black jars, Navajo painted bowls, ceramic dolls, geometric black and white Mimbres bowls, and much more. Also a display of how bowls are made and decorated - polishing, painting and applique (clay class will never be the same). Our favorite thing in the museum!
Flandrau Planetarium - On Thursday through Sunday, watch a planetarium show to find out about Tucson's night sky, and what you might see on clear desert nights. There's also family fun time on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons, plus music laser shows, planetarium exhibits and mineral museum.
Tucson Children's Museum - Looking for a place to escape the desert heat, the children's museum is indoors and air-conditioned. Exhibits include animatronic life-size dinosaurs, hands on activities about the Sea of Cortez, climbing and building walls, "drive" a fire truck, crawl through a train.
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