In the late 19th century, Bisbee was famous for one of the richest copper mines in history, the Queen Mine, and its high-quality minerals - turquoise ("Bisbee Blue"), gold, silver, lead, zinc, azurite, malachite. Today, old Bisbee retains its Victorian era buildings, and kids can stop in for old-fashioned hard candies and ice cream in the center of town.

Queen Mine Tour - The Queen Mine Tour is a "must do." Put on hard hats, miners lamps and rain slickers (available in kid's sizes), and ride the mine train underground into the Queen Mine for an hour tour. As you walk through the mine tunnels, learn about mining techniques and hear the miner's stories and experiences. The temperature in the mine is 47 degrees, so dress accordingly.
Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum - The museum, affiliated with the Smithsonian, is an excellent introduction to Bisbee's mining heritage. Experience life-size dioramas of miners, see what life was like for children in the 19th century, step inside the cab of large mining equipment, find out what copper is used for (nickels and quarters, washers and dryers), walk through a crystal cave, and see a gorgeous collection of minerals mined in the Bisbee area - deep blue azurite, bright green malachite, huge chunks of copper. In the museum gift shop are bins of multi-colored rocks for sale.
City Park (corner of Taylor and Brewery St.) - The city park has a playground with climbing structures and shaded picnic tables.
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