Grand Canyon Nat'l Park
South Rim - East

To really get an appreciation of the Colorado River as it winds through the canyon, drive east from Grand Canyon Village along the South Rim toward Desert View and Cameron. There are many different overlooks along the way (but don't overdo it, kids will be happier stopping at fewer overlooks, rather than leaping in and out of the car all the time). The road is called Desert View Dr. or Highway 64.

Lipan Point - This is our favorite overlook. From Lipan Point it's a completely different view of the canyon from the ones you see around Grand Canyon Village. Here the winding Colorado River is visible, flowing through rust red rocks in the Unkar Delta.
Desert View Watchtower - The Desert View Watchtower might look ancient, but it's not - it was built in 1932, but is inspired by stone towers constructed by prehistoric Pueblo peoples.
Inside the tower, there's a lovely sand painting in the Hopi Room, other floors have replicas of Native American petroglyphs and pictographs. Climb up the tower round and round, to the fourth floor where kids can look through telescopes to see close up views of the canyon and river below. The Watchtower is super in bad weather, protection from both the wind and sun.
Tusayan Ruins - A thousand years ago, the Anasazi people (Pueblo Indians) lived in the Grand Canyon. Most of the Anasazi ruins are inaccessible (at the bottom of the canyon, or under the cliffs), but you can easily visit Tusayan pueblo, just off the highway. On the short self-guided loop trail around the ruins (buildings were made with local limestone), kids can see the living quarters, storage rooms and kiva. The museum has stone weapons, baskets, jewelry and bone tools, open daily.
Cameron Trading Post - Highway 64 ends at Cameron. The trading post has been there for almost a 100 years, and has a really great selection of bows with feather arrows, dream catchers, dolls in Navajo dress, painted horses, carved animals and jewelry.
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