Turnagain Arm
Windy Point - The highway from Anchorage to Girdwood goes right along Turnagain Arm. Look for Dall sheep on the rocky ridges, moose close to the road and Beluga whales in the inlet. Windy Point is especially good for the Dall sheep spotting.
McHugh Creek - This is a super picnic area, with views of the Turnagain Arm, which has a tidal bore (when the tide turns, there a nice big riffle). If the kids want to get out and stretch their legs, take the trail up to the waterfall.
Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center - At the Center, injured and orphaned animals are rescued, and when they're healthy again, released back into the wild.  Here you can see the animals in natural habitat enclosures - black bears, grizzly bears, bear cubs, elk, Wood bison, moose, bald eagle, caribou, musk ox, and Sitka black-tiled deer. The Center is open year round.
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