Juneau got its start as a gold rush town, when gold was discovered in 1880 just outside of town. It was the first big gold strike in Alaska, and the hard rock mines around Juneau continued to operate until the 1920's.

Tip: It rains a lot in Juneau, especially in summer. The days we visited, the weather cooperated, but you'll want to plan on misty rain.

Mendenhall Glacier
Fun food
Try the sourdough bagels and fudge made locally. Alaskan Fudge company has Bear Claws" (cookies that look like bear claws), and fudge flavors such as "Glacier Chip" (made with maple syrup), "Juneau White Out" (vanilla, no nuts), "Glacier Bay Walnut (vanilla and walnuts),"Motherlod Maple" (maple pecan), "Mendenhall Mud" (marshmallow and pecans).
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